Monday, August 27, 2012

Crepe Paper Flower Mirror

Elissa here! I would like to introduce my youngest sister Mercy Elaine! She has been doing some really cool crafty things and is now going to be posting here at Knitter Please! Take it away Mercy Elaine!

I bought this $10 over-the-door mirror from Walmart with the idea of upgrading it somehow. I finally did it. 

All you need is: 
1. cheap mirror 
2. crepe paper/streamers. I used about 3 rolls of orange streamers. 
3. hot glue gun 

They came 2 rolls for $1 at the 99 cents only store. (love that place) I sat down and made a bunch of these crepe paper flowers.


Basically I just wrap the paper around the pointer and middle finger while also twisting. Then when you get it to the size you like, just tear, glue, and slip off your finger. You can then play with it to get it just right. Smash is down a little, fold the "petals" down to open up the flower. Once you do a couple it will become really easy. You don't have to use a hot glue gun to finish the flower, you can use elmer's glue or glue dots.


I do recommend using a hot glue gun for sticking the flowers to the mirror. My mirror's frame was a plastic-type material, so that's what worked best. I also sprayed the flowers with hairspray (thanks Joey!) just to help them hold their shape. As long as these don't get wet, they last.


And that's it! 
**I used Command Strips to hang my mirror.**

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