Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Campos Blanket

New babies in the family use to mean a new blanket to make. I got tired of the same typical blankets and was happy to find this pattern on Pinterest. It is called "Holding Hands". It looks a little bit fancier than a regular blanket but not too complicated that I throw up my knitting needles in frustration.

Since we don't know the sex of the baby I had to go with a neutral color. Instead of going the typical green or yellow route I went with Silver.

The border is a seed stitch over 211 stitches for 20 rows and it was a bitch. I was out of knitting shape. Yes knitting uses your shoulder and hand muscles like crazy and after just a few rows I was feeling it. I had to literally search for "stretches for knitters" on youtube.

I am happy to say that the border is finished and I am diving into the body of the blanket. It seems to be working up fairly quickly. After I mastered the P3in3 stitch.


Beth said...

It looks like I want to knit that same blanket (recently found out I'm pregnant!!) I am not a proficient knitter and I have no idea what p3in3 means. I know I have to purl three stitches together but after that the directions just don't make sense to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have 7 months to figure this out.

BTW I love your blog! Thanks!!

Elissa L. said...

Thanks Beth! Believe it or not I learned to knit (and continue to learn) through youtube video. Anytime there is a stitch I do not understand (And it happens all the time) I do a google video search. Usually after seeing the stitch done a few time I can get it!

-MissJ- said...

Hi Elissa - sorry, I know this comment comes after a long delay from the original post! Do you happen to have a link or any other reference for this "P3in3" stitch? I've had a trawl on google but no luck for me. I just started this blanket today, and I thought the description made sense, but when I try to do it.... not so much!

Elissa L. said...

-MissJ here is a link to a Ravlery page that has the pattern in a pdf it also has the p3in3 description.