Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving Right Along

Although thanks to the Hunger Game trilogy I have not worked on this as much as I should have but I am now into the body of the blanket. I am almost done with skein #2.  As usual I underestimated the amount of yarn I would need and picked up 3 more skeins yesterday. That is a total of 7 skeins so far. I am using the Vanna White lion brand yarn in the Heather Silver color. Very soft and a thicker yarn than the pattern called for but I wanted something more "fluffy".


Carmelina said...

I just finished making 20 rolls and my frustration is understanding the next step! purl3 together. Do I replace the 3 stitches I just purl together?

Elissa L. said...

Carmenlina! I did this blanket awhile ago but what I can remember, after you purl the 3 together you wrap the yarn around and then purl. This should replace the 3 you purled together.