Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Miguelito's Crib Blanket

I started this blanket so long ago. When my cousin Carol and his girl Julei announced they were going to have a baby! That people was like at Thanksgiving! I found this pattern and since they did not find out what they were having I went with a gender neutral silver color and started in. It took months to complete, but it was finally bound off, washed and ready to send to Washington!

You can see my one error a little to the left of the center. I think I purled when I should have knitted. But I chalked it up to the whole "home-made"-ness of it all. 

This was the first big project that I have completed in a long time. Very time consuming. But when I get to see this beautiful baby boy wrapped up in the blanket that I made him it is so worth it. I would have knitted until my arms fell off. Just look at this baby!!!

Stay Warm Miguelito! 
Love you and I can't wait to meet you!

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Jan said...

What a beautiful baby afghan. Great job, one little error makes it more precious.