Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Phi's Neon Cube Blanket

This blanket was a real labor of love and took 2 years to get done. A few years ago when I was buying yarn for a baby blanket Phi showed me these new neon colors and loved them. She asked me to make her a cool blanket with it. 2 years later I pulled out the yarn again. I have been wanting to work on a bigger granny square blanket. I love how productive you feel when making granny squares. I started in December. I used 5 skeins to make a total of 90 squares. 

After the squares were all done it was time to put them together. I wanted a black border around each square so I went with a crochet stitch to connect them together. Each row is 9 squares.This process took me awhile. I could do about 2 rows a night. Then it took another night to sew in and trim all the edges.

I made 10 rows of 9 to give the blanket more length than width. After all 90 squares were done it was border time. I went with a single stitch black border with a few rows of a mixed neon yarn to give it more color.

A wash and a block overnight and the blanket was ready for its new owner.

This is the most difficult blanket I have done and is now one of my favorites. 

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www.pinkelstar.com said...

This one is so cute! I like the combination of black and bright colors, it makes this blanket look really distinct. Great job!